Power Generation

Chase Africa offers a full range of products and services from numerous suppliers to the coal, gas-fired, nuclear and diesel power generating plants. We have extensive experience of applications and can assist in new or replacement equipment selection.

In conjunction with our partners we provide engineering and maintenance solutions and strategies from new product supply through to complete turnkey projects.

We are aware of the enormous pressure to meet targets and the increasing demands for a faster and more efficient supplier to meet with your planned outages, delivering on time and within budget.

Aftermarket equipment parts and supply cover valves, pumps etc together with a comprehensive range of balance of plant and ancillary equipment.

Below are links to important papers on valves used in Two Shift Power Plants and how significant efficiencies can be achieved using appropriate technologies. Please feel free to download these materials and then contact us to discuss ways in which we may help you achieve potential savings in downtime.

Stop Check Valves

Two Shift Steam Cooling

Two Shift Gate Valves Operation

Two Shift Feed Water Control Valves

Two Shift Drain Valves

Two Shift De-super Heater Valves

Stop Check Valves in Power Generation two shift steam cooling in power generation Two shift gate valves operation in power generation Two shift Feed water control valves in power generation Two shift drain valves in power generation Two shift de-super heater valves in power generation