We make our customers’ lives easier

CHASE AFRICA is based on passion and people with a unique identity and personality. Communication is paramount and is at the heart of our success. We do what we love and are passionate about providing the best service possible to make our customers’ lives easier. We are a Level 2 B-BBEE company with an outstanding team of helpful professionals who enjoy meeting and developing long term relationships. We have a shared vision to grow and add true value to our customers with the emphasis on their needs. We take nothing for granted. We are never complacent and constantly challenge ourselves to be our best.

International suppliers with local insight

We consider trust, honesty and open communication between our team and our Customer’s the key to our success.

CHASE AFRICA is a South African procurement and supply specialist of engineering parts and equipment

Our aim is to be your preferred choice as a trusted supplier supplementing your purchasing and maintenance teams.

We recognise the challenges which can be encountered in obtaining goods at a realistic price level. We communicate quickly, providing the accurate information you need to take prompt action. We have developed an exceptional reputation for supplying mechanical parts and equipment of UK, European & US origin and provide customers with a single point of contact to source products from the original suppliers. Our professional team has developed a network of dependable relationships by regularly speaking to and meeting with customers and suppliers. The relationships that we have developed with our trusted suppliers enable us to provide technical support and service including arranging onsite visits by the manufacturer’s engineers when necessary.