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CHASE supplies a range of expansion joints, compensators, bellows (both fabric and metal) to the power and process industries for the following applications:

  • Ball Mills – Moulded Rubber Bellows & Multi Layered Fabric
  • Fans – EPDM & Multi Layered Fabric
  • Air Heaters – Multi Layer & HT/XA
  • Economiser – Multi Layered Fabric
  • Boiler – Multi Layered Fabric
  • Windbox – Multi Layered Fabric
  • Deadspace – HT/XA
  • Exhaust Ducting / Precipitators / Ash Hopper – Multi Layered Fabric
  • FGD (Flue Gas Desulphurisation) – FKM6
  • BOFA (Booster Over Fired Air) – Multi Layered fabric
  • SCR (Selective Catylitic Reduction) – Multi Layered fabric
  • SNCR (Selective Non Catylitic Reduction) – Multi Layered Fabric
  • Chimney – FKM6 & FP
Our friendly team is on hand to assist your enquiry with a 24 hour support service available for urgent issues. Please note: If you are enquiring about product pricing you will need to provide end user details in order to enable us to process your enquiry and to adhere to trade compliance practices.

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