blakeborough Turbine-Bypass-ValveThe Blakeborough brand offers a diverse range of control valves for the process industry. They have proven themselves in the manufacture of valves for the following major industries: conventional energy, solar energy, oil and gas, petrochemicals and LNG.


The Blakeborough range has valves for applications on process plant throughout industry where there is a requirement for automatic flow control, temperature control or pressure reducing.

  • Energy – General service control valves or severe operating conditions, three-way valves, steam conditioning desuper heaters andturbine bypass valves.
  • Solar Energy – Range of valves adapted for the service of molten salt.
  • Oil and Gas – General service valves for severe service conditions for a wide range of applications, including shock-proof control and sand control. Our throttling range is suitable for most throttling applications, including production, injection, chemical injection and gas extraction.
  • Petrochemistry – Valves for general services with valves for severe service conditions.
  • LNG – General service valves subjected to complete cryogenic testing.

The Blakeborough® brand has been at the forefront of the design and manufacture of control valves, chokes and steam control valves for more than 190 years. What began when Joseph Blakeborough started a small plumbing business in Yorkshire, England, has grown into one to the world’s leading valve providers and one of the legacy brands of Trillium Flow Technologies™.

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