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David Brown Santasalo combines almost three centuries of gearbox manufacturing experience with a global service presence close to key industrial regions.

CHASE specialise in supplying David Brown Santasalo products to the Power Generation Industry for Crushing applications. All David Brown Santasalo gear systems are proven to withstand harsh grinding conditions and are engineered to exact customer requirements to ensure maximum performance.

Vertical Roller Mills

The criticality of the power generation industry means that gear system reliability is key. Designed in close cooperation with mill manufacturers, our vertical roller mill drive series demonstrates long bearing life, high power density and an optimised product lifecycle.

Delivering power, durability and reliability – even under extreme conditions, David Brown Santasalo vertical roll mill gears operate efficiently to ensure maximum production time.

Horizontal Ball Mill Drives

We can provide all elements of a mill drive system as a fully optimised solution to suit your process exactly, or individual components as required.

  • Mill drive gearboxes
  • Girth gears
  • Pinions
  • Couplings

Designed to deliver exceptional levels of performance and value, David Brown Santasalo ball mill drives are optimised for primary and secondary grinding applications. Extensively field tested and proven in harsh cement applications, our mill drive gearboxes cover all grinding applications up to 10MW per drive and we have single, double and triple reduction gearing available depending on the required ratio and motor speed.

Girth Gears

With a variety of options for cast, fabricated steel or SG iron and multi-segmented gears, David Brown Santasalo is your one stop shop for girth gears for AG, SAG, ball mill and crushing applications.

Engineered in segments, starting from two and with no upper limit, we can manufacture girth gears up to 14 metres diameter. With interchangeable segments for easy repair and maintenance, our girth gears have delivered longstanding, reliable operation for decades.
Skilled management of the stress relieving process is of utmost importance in the production of an accurate and stable final girth gear and we can provide this in-house at our global manufacturing facilities.

Horizontal Ball Mill Pinions

Using their global, in-house manufacturing capabilities, David Brown Santasalo deliver high torque, high precision integral and non-integral mill pinion gears for horizontal ball mills in power generation applications. Pinion gears can be supplied individually or as part of a fully optimised horizontal ball mill drive.

Our friendly team is on hand to assist your enquiry with a 24 hour support service available for urgent issues. Please note: If you are enquiring about product pricing you will need to provide end user details in order to enable us to process your enquiry and to adhere to trade compliance practices.