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CHASE is pleased to offer High Performance Boving Design Butterfly Valves. The integrity of the design and construction makes it structurally sound and ensures ease of operation.

The valves incorporate a double eccentric design which allows the seal to disengage immediately on opening reducing seal wear. The streamlined disc profile provides smooth flow and ensures low pressure drop. With the specially designed stainless steel seat ring opening torques are reduced and the resilient disc seal is positively retained to prevent seal roll out even in arduous operating conditions. With its single piece design the seat is replaceable with the valve in situ.

The body and disc of the valves are constructed in ductile iron and can be epoxy coated for corrosion protection. The standard trim is stainless steel and the valve is available in four different disc and six different seat designs according to flow control requirements.

All valves are manufactured as standard in accordance to BS EN 558-1 Series 13 (ISO 5752 Series 13, BS 5155 Short) or, to DIN 32020 F4 (ISO 5752) Series 14, BS EN 558-1) and are available in sizes ranging from DN200 to DN3000.

Valve Maximum Working Pressure:

1600 kPa or 2500 kPa

Body Test Pressure:

2400 kPa or 37.5 kPa

Seat Test Pressure:

1760 kPa or 2750 kPa

Our friendly team is on hand to assist your enquiry with a 24 hour support service available for urgent issues. Please note: If you are enquiring about product pricing you will need to provide end user details in order to enable us to process your enquiry and to adhere to trade compliance practices.
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