Turbine Valve Components

In partnership with specialised manufacturers of critical steam turbine components we are able to offer a wide range of parts and complete assemblies manufactured to the OEM’s specifications.

We support steam turbine operators throughout the world and the customer base includes most of the leading power utility companies.

We are able to offer steam turbine components manufactured from Stellite or hard faced with a variety of coatings. In addition to the larger items such as seats and spindles we also offer a range of smaller components such as sleeves, bushes and piston rings manufactured from Stellite or Haynes 25.

Steam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine Components

Turbine Seals and Glands

Our suppliers are fully accredited as suppliers to the major turbine manufacturers and offer a service for rapid supply of all types of stationary sealing rings, baffles and glands.

In addition to replacement glands offered by the OEMs we are also able to offer a number of improved gland designs which are in widespread use throughout the world on steam turbines from 10Mw to 1000Mw.

All of the steam turbine components we supply are manufactured to the exacting standards required by the OEMs.

The Guardian® Packing and Vortex Shedder® Seals are well established as a method of improving cylinder efficiency by reducing steam leakage and maintaining required clearances. Additionally Brandon® Retractable Seals and Sensitised® Packing have been developed to address particular sealing problems such as end-gland leakage or thermal instability during start up.

Steam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine ComponentsSteam Turbine Components

Quality Control

  • Our suppliers operate to Quality Systems concurrent to ISO9002 and have approved procedures.
  • All Stellite overlays are inspected by 3rd party inspectorate.
  • All components are supplied with full supporting documentation and certification.


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